Rise and CBN’s Distressed-Market Neighborhoods Training

Rise, in collaboration with Community Builders Network, engaged in a group training seminar focused on capacity building and working in distressed-market neighborhoods. Many thanks to Harris Stowe State University for hosting!

Topics and Speakers included:

CDC Linked to Broader Community Capacity – Brian Hurd, Rise

Understanding Distressed Market Neighborhoods and Policy Priorities – Matthew Mourning, City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency

Emerging Local Community Capacity Models –

Emerging Community Development System in the St. Louis Region – Rick Bonasch, Rise

Speaking the Same Language – Taylor Harris, Rise Practicum Student (Washington University – George W. Brown School of Social Work)

Public Policy Priorities – Colleen Hafner, St. Louis Equity Fund

Attendees and presenters explored established strategies, emerging policies, and new tools to enhance data-driven Metro Area revitalization decision-making, and equip community development professionals to more effectively address the challenges they face in distressed markets.

Please take a look at the Training Handouts from the CDC (Community Development Corporation) Presentations – all are linked below, and you can review all of the fantastic information provided during this informative and exciting call to action.

Training Handouts:

Hyde Park Collaborative Presentation

The turnout was amazing today. The increasing synergy of community development, citizen-centric, and neighborhood organizations, and an ever-growing cadre of individuals dedicated to sustainable and holistic community revitalization – it’s invigorating and inspirational. The passion and urgency for the strides we can take together to continue lifting the St. Louis Metro Area are absolutely tangible in these thoughtful training sessions.