Lon Brauer – Best Of Show Winner at the 2015 Rise Up Festival

Rise is pleased to announce Lon Brauer as the winner of Best Of Show at the 2015 Rise Up Festival Fine Arts and Crafts Show!

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“Lon Brauer is an artist, photographer, and painter living and working in Granite City, IL under the roof of Lon Brauer Studios.

As a painter, Lon is an impressionist utilizing the plasticity of paint and materials to create exciting images within a representational context.  His work includes both figurative and Plein Air landscape subjects. Lon’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the country and currently with top end art fairs where he has garnered numerous prestigious awards.” — (www.lonbrauer.com)

The primary criteria and selection process for the Best Of Show Award were as follows:

ORIGINALITY: Is the design of the artwork consistent in its originality and uniqueness? Does the artist approach his/her subject matter in a fresh and creative way? Is there a WOW! Factor associated with the work?

EXECUTION: Does the artwork reveal excellence in skill, talent and accomplishment in the execution of the work? Does it advance the state of the art, as opposed to repeating or replicating something that’s been done before?

PRESENTATION: Is the presentation of the artwork and booth visually appealing, well organized and professional? Does the entire body of work show consistency of thought and process?

Each of the above received equal weighting in the scoring process. Scores are based on each artist’s entire presented body of work rather than an individual piece.

As the recipient of Best Of Show, Lon will be exempt from the 2016 jury process and automatically invited back to the 2016 Rise Up Festival. Congratulations and thanks to the jurors and to Lon Brauer!