On July 16th, 2016,  multiple community-based organizations came together to help serve the Hyde Park community through a community garden project.  BAMSL YLD (The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, Young Lawyers Division), LinkSTL, Gateway Greening, and the Rise Young Professionals Board all attended the event and helped to beautify and revitalize the Clay Elementary Cougar Community Garden.

The organizations that worked with the Rise Young Professional Board all have a vested interest in the cause and saw the project through to its full potential. Gateway Greening is an organization that helps bring together the community for the purpose of creating safe, beautiful neighborhoods in the city. LinkSTL works to revitalize the Hyde Park neighborhood and present opportunities to its residents. BAMSL consists of professional lawyers that wish to provide public service for their community. Together, these organizations created an unstoppable team that made an enormous difference in the garden.

Hyde Park, a neighborhood located in North St. Louis, is a Nationally Registered Historic District. The Clay Elementary Cougar Community Garden is located on the grounds of a local school within the neighborhood. To beautify this garden, Gateway Greening works with teachers to encourage the school’s students to take part in the gardening process. This revitalization of the Clay Elementary Cougar Community Garden proves to be both beneficial and inspiring to the students, and the entire community of this historic area. Now that this event has taken place, the garden is revamped in time for the school year to begin!

In order to continue on with this progress, The Rise Young Professionals and BAMSL YLD are collaborating and adopting this community garden. The team will continue to visit the garden four times each year, and the growth and improvement of the area will continue on!