LIHTC Explorer Screenshot

Rise Launches Online LIHTC Explorer

As an affordable housing developer, Rise works hard to ensure that quality housing is available to people regardless of income level. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones who do this kind of work – and it’s not just in low-income, urban areas: it is all over the country, in all kinds of communities.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development makes this data publicly available at regular intervals. While the most recent database only covers projects from the program’s inception during the end of the Reagan administration to projects funded through 2014, it gives a really good look at what types of projects get funded, where and when. While it covers the whole country, we decided to highlight the work that is done in the two states that are part of our service area – Missouri and Illinois.

What it shows is that communities everywhere face a need for quality affordable housing, regardless of how dense their local area is, what way they lean politically, or what other factors play into their way of life. This is a need that affects every type of place where people live.

A few things to keep in mind about these points on the map as you navigate:

  • It only covers projects up to 2014, so the most recent projects will not appear.
  • Some projects did not contain addresses and were not mapped, so while it is very comprehensive it is not 100% complete.
  • The name of the company / developer may be the name of a development partnership created just for this development and not match which entity is responsible for the development. That means if you wanted to find out who was behind the building of the project, you might need to do some more research.

Click here to view our interactive LIHTC map for Missouri and Illinois, and click on any point to view more information about the project!