Brian Hurd, Technical Assistance Program Manager at Rise, released his book DREAM IT! PLAN IT! BE IT!: A Playbook for Today’s Youth, in July of 2020. The book was inspired by his passion to be a voice for young people to hear to make a positive difference in their lives. In this forward-thinking book, Brian challenges our communities to concentrate on cultivating a new generation of transformational leaders and change agents. The goal of the book is to uplift young people and empower them to be victorious in today’s society. Brian believes in the importance of youth-centered, healthy, and sustainable communities.

Brian’s role at Rise includes providing organizational capacity building and management, training along with housing development consulting services to nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, and government partners.  Additionally, he serves as a field instructor for Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work and adjunct professor in the University College’s Sustainability Program.  He teaches a popular class titled, “Planning Sustainable and Racially Equitable Urban Communities” for graduate-level students and those well into their professional careers.

Congratulations, Brian. Thank you for “lifting our communities”!

To learn more about this important book and to purchase it click HERE.