Rise is pleased to announce that on January 14th, 2021, the City of East St. Louis formally adopted the Winstanley Neighborhood Plan as an official document to drive policy, development, and decision making in the years to come.

Guided by a resident steering committee, the planning effort began in December of 2018 with a focus on working closely with the community. This was done to ensure that their voices would be heard and that the needs of the neighborhood would be properly represented in the final plan. The vision statement developed by the steering committee encompasses all that Rise and the community hopes to achieve, stating:

The input received from community engagement meetings, pop-up engagements, and various small meetings were combined with Rise’s planning expertise and aligned with other community efforts to put together a plan that breaks down policy areas into the categories of residential vitality, economic mobility, social wellbeing, public realm, and land use. Within each of those areas, there are goals, strategies, and potential tactics for realization.

As the lead consultant on the plan, Rise, working closely with longtime partner Mt. Sinai Development Corporation (MSDC) is greatly looking forward to the transformation of East St. Louis starting with implementing elements of the Winstanley Neighborhood Plan.

Click here to view and download the adopted plan.

Over the last several years, Rise has focused on community planning in targeted areas in the St. Louis metropolitan area as part of its overall community development strategy. These plans inform housing development, public health, education, employment opportunity, safety, and more building stronger, more equitable neighborhoods. This plan strengthens Rise’s ties to East St. Louis, building on the successes of previous real estate development projects with MSDC. Rise worked with MSDC to complete the 30 single-family affordable homes as part of the development of Sinai Village in 2011, as well as adding 30 more when Sinai Village II was completed in 2015.

Both Rise and MSDC are excited to see the next chapter in affordable housing development for East St. Louis become a reality, brought to life through the resident voices in the Winstanley Neighborhood Plan.

“Our vision is a historically rich and vibrant community that is revitalized, safe, thriving, and family-focused which will establish the cornerstone of our resurrection”

Winstanley Community Plan Steering Committee