Communities Forward Podcast Part 1 of 2- BlackTea: Alisha Sonnier and Jami Cox

In this week’s “Communities Forward” podcast, we have two guests who are the Co-founders of BlackTea. BlackTea is an audio and visual media organization founded in St. Louis, MO by two young Black women that aim to raise political, social, and cultural awareness while engaging communities in a conversational and entertaining way. The masterminds behind BlackTea are Alisha Sonnier and Jami Cox (Shout out to Jami! She is a member of the Rise Young Professionals board and a member of Rise’s board of directors). Every month they bring you raw and uncut news, spilling the tea on all of the latest hot button social issues and events! You can learn more information about BlackTea here.

For “Communities Forward” episode 10, part 1 of 2, Alisha and Jami detail the history of BlackTea’s creation, as well as their personal journeys to impact the communities they work in. You can find the podcast here.

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