Communities Forward Podcast Part 1 of 2-Paul Sorenson

In this week’s “Communities Forward” podcast, we have Paul Sorenson. Paul Sorenson is a community builder and social entrepreneur who leads the RDA as an Interim Co-Director of UMSL’s Community Innovation and Action Center. RDA’s mission is to build a shared data infrastructure and support strong data actors who use quality data to improve people’s lives. The St. Louis Regional Data Alliance (RDA) is housed at the University of Missouri – St. Louis’s Community Innovation and Action Center (CIAC). Over the past three years, the RDA has built a strong data community of over 350 local data practitioners and has developed infrastructure to support data efforts across local governments, social services, public health stakeholders, and education providers. You can learn more information about RDA here.

In “Communities Forward” episode 13, part 1 of 2, Paul talks about what data is, how it can be used to positively impact communities, and his path to seeing data as a tool. You can find the podcast and listen here.

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