Chippewa Park Groundbreaking – The Transformation Begins

The official groundbreaking ceremony for Chippewa Park took place on Thursday, 4.12.2018, at 3 PM, in “Frog Park”, 2819 Chippewa St. at the corner of Oregon St. and Chippewa.

Statement from Rise – MHDC Withholds Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

November 17, 2017

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and his allies moved to withhold state low-income housing tax credits this year. The vote came at the Missouri Housing Development Commission in Columbia today.

Rise’s President, Stephen Acree, has released an official statement concerning the decision:

This morning the Missouri Housing Development Commission voted to strip State Low Income Housing Tax Credits from its annual funding plan for 2018. By orchestrating this vote, the Governor is attempting to use the Commission to administratively overrule the will of the legislature. Sadly, low-income Missourians will suffer from this callous act.  There are tens of thousands of people on housing waiting lists across the state.  By thwarting the will of the legislature to withhold these resources, seniors, homeless veterans and people with special needs will spend another winter out in the cold, in shelters, or doubled-up with whoever might take them in. All because of political gamesmanship.

The funding plan, called the Qualified Allocation Plan, now goes out for public comment. We urge all concerned citizens to speak out. We hope that MHDC will respond to the calls of those most affected and the legislature and do the right thing when the plan goes back to them for approval in December.

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