Rise’s Spring/Summer Appeal Winding Down

As we wind down Rise’s Spring/Summer appeal we would like to give all of our friends in the region an opportunity to view a letter we published earlier this Spring demonstrating the two most important things that ensure successful community development: people and the places they live, work and play. The appeal will close on July 20, 2015. Please read this letter from our president and consider investing in your community with Rise!

Rise has been creating homes for almost 20 years and when we say homes, we mean clean, comfortable, safe and affordable homes in neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. In fact, we have created homes for nearly 5,000 people!

Since 1997, Rise has developed over 2,100 homes and apartments throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Many of these buildings were abandoned in the damaging wake of vacancies and blight due to neglect and foreclosures and could very well be in that same condition today if it were not for Rise.

St. Louis is growing regionally and evolving through creativity, ingenuity, and optimism. Rise supports this evolution by providing homes for the building blocks of our communities – its people. 

Let us introduce you to some of the families living in our homes:

Meet Kasey and Andrea

They live in Emerald Ridge in East Alton, which was completed in April of 2015. This development was originally built during World War II as employee housing for the nearby Olin munitions plant. Designed to be strictly temporary, this sub-standard, obsolete housing changed ownership many times and ended up in the hands of absentee landlords. Today, this neighborhood consists of 46 new, single-family homes with a recreation complex and park as its central focus. Excellent schools, lots of retail businesses, and a walkable neighborhood make this a great place to raise a family.

Emerald Ridge, Before
Emerald Ridge, Today


Jean, another resident of Emerald Ridge, has this to say about her new home: “I feel very safe, the first night I spent here, I felt better than I have in years.”

Old North St. Louis, once a densely populated neighborhood, experienced a decline fueled by post-war highway and suburban development. Rise began work in the neighborhood in 2002 and has redeveloped over 130 homes and apartments along with 33,000 square feet of commercial space.

Robin is a single mother, who lives with her school age son in Old North St. Louis. They both love their home and enjoy their neighborhood.

These are just two of the communities Rise is creating and revitalizing, changing lives one development at a time.

Your support will allow us to continue our valuable work in areas like Old North, Ducthtown South, Forest Park Southeast and the Greater Ville. Diversity, accessibility and vibrancy define Rise neighborhoods and we clearly see their success extending to other areas of our region.

Your tax deductible gift to Rise will make a difference in the quality of life of thousands and will insure the future of our community.

On behalf of the Rise team and our residents,

we thank you.

Stephen Acree

Executive Director/President

Fox Manor, Dutchtown South