Rise acts as both a developer and a development consultant, utilizing a proven strategy to catalyze the neighborhood revitalization process. Combining a community-based model with seasoned financial expertise, we make neighborhood-based real estate more economically feasible and attractive.

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Our Vision

We partner with local communities that we believe can benefit from our work. With our help, the development of affordable and market-rate housing in these areas energizes the local economy, reduces crime, improves the community’s quality of life and creates an atmosphere that supports the emotional and intellectual development of its children. Through this work, we aim to inspire confidence for private market forces to then follow with further investment.

Our Partners

Our neighborhood-based partners benefit from the greater financial capacity and expertise we bring to development projects. The partners have the opportunity to gain more hands-on experience in the development process and gain long-term financial sustainability.

Looking for housing?

If you are in need of housing, please contact one of the property managers for a Rise development. Click here to learn more.

Development Consulting

For more information about Real Estate Development Consulting Services, please contact:

Mark Stroker, Director of Real Estate Development at 314-333-7005 or [email protected]

Predevelopment Loan Fund

Rise operates a Predevelopment Loan Fund that provides nonprofit organizations with a source of funds for costs incurred during the early stages of real estate development projects in their neighborhoods. Conventional financing from banks is generally not available to pay for these predevelopment costs. Therefore, the fund is designed to finance these costs and accelerate the time from project inception to construction start-up.

If you would like more information before submitting an application click here for a Predevelopment Loan Initial Inquiry Form.

Click here for a Predevelopment Loan Application. (Complete the application online and print it out for submission).

For more information, please contact:

Colleen Hafner, Project Manager at 314-333-7003 or [email protected]