Rise is a nonprofit community developer

Rise is a nonprofit organization working to connect communities with local institutions to empower the revitalization of neighborhoods in Greater St. Louis. Rise acts as a resource and partner to the community. We bring together nonprofits, financial institutions, and government to make successful neighborhood revitalization possible. As a nonprofit community developer, we have aided the development of more than 5,500 homes and 137,000 square feet of commercial space. We have supported 42 communities across the region as a community developer, consultant, and lender.

Our Expertise

At Rise, our staff brings extensive industry expertise to all stages of neighborhood revitalization and development. We provide consulting and data-driven guidance to help kick-start, finance, manage and successfully complete neighborhood redevelopment projects.

Our Mission

Rise Partners with Communities to build stronger, more equitable St. Louis area neighborhoods. With a focus on sustainable success, we strive to create stronger communities and more desirable places to live.

Racial Equity in St. Louis

At Rise, we recognize that the work we do exists within a deeply unjust society and that we must recognize our power, privilege, and ensuing responsibility to dismantle systems of racial oppression. We are committed to promoting equitable neighborhoods and racial justice both in our work with partners and internally.

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