Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Rise is very active in areas of public policy that affect urban redevelopment.
Rise is funded by grants and contributions, fees earned from development projects, development consulting, and other kinds of development-related consulting work.
You can see examples of Rise’s work under our Success Stories tab.
If there is a local nonprofit community development organization in your area, please contact them first. If not, or if you don’t know if there is such an organization in your area, please contact Rick Bonasch, Director of Technical Assistance, 314-333-7007 or [email protected].
Yes. Rise has a 501(c)3 status.
You can get involved by joining, or volunteering for, the Young Professionals Board or by working with our partner organizations that provide volunteer opportunities.
You can support Rise by giving a donation online.
Rise offers housing development, GIS database and mapping services, public sector community development technical assistance, capacity building, community planning services, and residential development consulting. Rise also operates a Predevelopment Loan Fund and a CDFI.
Rise typically plays a lead role in structuring the financing for and serving as the developer or development consultant for particularly difficult neighborhood revitalization projects. In the process, we provide technical assistance to nonprofit community-based development organizations in order to help them sustain the improvements made in St. Louis area urban core neighborhoods.
The Rise Main Office is located in downtown St. Louis at 1627 Washington Avenue. For more information view our contact page.
Rise often partners with state and local officials in various ways. For example, Rise utilizes valuable tools such as federal and state Affordable Housing Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, and federal New Markets Tax Credits in order to fund new redevelopment projects. Rise also raises funds and develops projects in partnership with cities, such as the City of East Alton, Illinois, and city commissions, such as the City of St. Louis Affordable Housing Commission.
Rise makes a difference through smart, sustainable neighborhood revitalization.
Terrell Carter, Executive Director/President, and a Board of Directors lead a team of coordinators and managers.
Rise supports St. Louis City and St. Louis County in Missouri and Madison and St. Clair County in Illinois and focuses heavily on targeted partner neighborhoods.
Rise partners with communities to build stronger, more equitable St. Louis area neighborhoods.