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Workers in a segment of the workforce—intercity mobile knowledge workers– are choosing employment in places where jobs are available and where high quality of life neighborhoods exist. Having such neighborhoods is important as older industrial cities like St. Louis compete for these knowledge workers. These workers want density, excitement, diversity and community interaction.

A growing body of academic literature indicates that metro areas with a relatively small gap between the haves and have‐nots have stronger economies than those that have a wide gap. In other words, where more people are contributing to the local economy, the economy is healthier because it is not supporting a large dependent population. Improvement of neighborhood life in low‐income areas can be an important strategy to reducing the dependent populations in a metro area.

Growing businesses looking to relocate or expand are increasingly doing so from the perspective that they will best be able to recruit high quality human capital if they locate in metros with attractive neighborhoods and a high quality of life. As a result, the cities that cannot compete on these terms will find it increasingly difficult to recruit businesses to their region.

Finding new ways of improving neighborhood livability means doing more with less and finding public and private funds that can be used flexibly and creatively to improve quality of life, this is where Rise excels. When combined with creative neighborhood‐driven initiatives, this can be a powerful mix.

Encouragement of strong neighborhoods needs to come from all sectors. People who love their neighborhoods and work together to keep them safe, clean, fun to live in are crucial to the long‐term well‐being of the region.

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