Paul Freehill

Rise YP Board Member
Accelerated Leadership Program Associate, Edward Jones

Paul Freehill, a native of Chenoa, Illinois, first moved to St. Louis in 2008 to attend Saint Louis University. After graduating from SLU with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Paul moved to Austin, TX where he worked for three years in adult education and affordable housing nonprofits. Tired of the Texas heat, he overcorrected and relocated to Buffalo, NY, where he spent two years working in mortgage secondary marketing at a large regional bank. Paul attended the full-time MBA program at the University of Notre Dame, and after graduating in 2019, he came full-circle back to St. Louis, accepting a position at Edward Jones in a rotational leadership development program with roles in operations, products, and insights.

Paul is passionate about affordable housing, education at all ages, and public libraries. In his spare time, he volunteers with Love The Lou, and is an avid reader, traveler, and vintage boombox collector.